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    The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) owns and operates three power stations with a total installed capacity of 1478 MW. The three power stations are Vasilikos Power Station (868 MW), Dhekelia Power Station (460 MW), and Moni Power Station (150 MW). The government has also approved the construction of a new gas-powered station in the Vasiliko Area. Two licences have been given to Power Energy Cyprus Ltd (PEC) to build and run a 230 Megawatt Gas Turbine Power station. Cyprus has six wind farms with a total of 92 turbines generating 153,900 kW. Electricity tariffs are similar to those in other Western European economies. According to Eurostat (2015), the cost for electricity in Cyprus is €0.184/kWh (households) and €0.141/kWh (industry) compared to €0.211/kWh (households) and €0.119/kWh (industry) in the EU28. Nevertheless, the discovery of natural gas is expected to bring down costs in the long term. Cyprus makes use of the BS 1363, British 3-pin, 13A, 240V, 50Hz earthed and fused plug. The BS 1363 plug, also known as a ‘13 amp plug’, is a large plug that has 3 rectangular prongs forming a triangle. Live and neutral are 4Χ6Χ18mm spaced 22mm apart. 9mm of insulation over the base of the pins prevents people from touching a bare connector while the plug is partly inserted. Earth is 4Χ8Χ23mm. On plugs for Class II appliances that do not require an earth, the pin is often plastic. Water is provided by the Water Authority of Cyprus, and charged quarterly at rates set by the individual municipalities. Cyprus currently operates six desalination plants.

    Updated: March 2017

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